How To Use PayPal

How To Use PayPal


PayPal is an eBay owned online method of payment used all across the internet, not only for eBay auctions and services, but also for many other websites. In fact, PayPal, has become the number one preferred method of payment for most people that use the internet for purchases. What is great about PayPal is that it is offered globally, it is accepted and used in more than one hundred different countries, by greater than one-hundred million people.

If you have decided you would like to use PayPal for eBay transactions or any other online purchases, it is easy and free to set up your very own account. Before signing up, you will need to determine if you want a personal, business, or premier account. Personal accounts are absolutely free and you are not charged any fees for sending money. These accounts are typically used by people just looking to do some shopping. For business and premier accounts, these are used by business owners, who are looking to receive payments, subscriptions, make, or receive mass payments, and have a variety of tools available to them.

When you first create your account, you will need to specify which type of account you'd like. If you want a personal account simply for shopping on eBay, but then later decide you wish to start selling on eBay, using PayPal, you can upgrade when it is convenient for you. For any type of account, you will be required to have a credit card and/or bank account, to begin sending money. You can receive money without either one, however, in order to access the funds or send money, you will need to verify either or both a bank account or credit card.

There is a limit to how much you can send and receive depending on which type of account you have. Personal accounts will always have a preset limit on spending because it is not intended to be used for business purposes.

Now, to start using PayPal is very simple. There are many ways you can send money. For example, you could click on the send money link, and specify the email address and amount you wish to send to any person and simply send. If you are shopping on eBay or any other website, they will provide you with a page to fill out your PayPal information and make purchasing easy.

To receive money, the sender would simply specify your PayPal email address and send the money to you. You can also finance your account by using only a credit card, for any purchase you make the funds would come directly out of that credit card. You could also fund your PayPal account with your own personal or business checking account. You can deposit money into your account from your checking account or deposit money into your checking account from your PayPal account.

If you are using PayPal for business reasons, you will want to look at the various merchant services they provide users, such as paypal buttons, which are configured for you to easily implement into your website and sell items, or even a full-fledged shopping cart that can be configured by you or your programmer, to make sales run smoothly. For eBay sellers and buyers, they have a wide variety of auction tools that can be used directly on eBay, such as emails, refunds, dealing with different currencies, shipping, tracking, buyer and seller protection, and logo's to use on your auction. More PayPal details can be found here




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